Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake Shake Shake

We had an EARTHQUAKE today!!!!! We had an EARTHQUAKE!!!

If you can tell me the name of the story where the children (June Star, daughter of Bailey Boy.... big hint) yell "We had an ACCIDENT!" then you will be cool and we can talk about that story and author together.

Now, anyway, yes. Around 2:00 this afternoon, I was at sitting at my desk on the 6th floor of my office building. I was cold, which is not a surprise since the higher powers who control inside temperatures love to keep things frigid in the summer and so sweaty hot in the winter. I bent down to turn on my space heater, and as I did so, the ground around my desk started to shake.

"Holy cannoli, what the heck is wrong with my space heater???"

Afraid that I had somehow caused a really big problem for my 6th-floor compadres, I immediately switched the heater off.... only to realize that the shaking (Praise the Lord) wasn't anything I created. But of course the second I realized I was out of the woods, I understood that something much bigger, unknown, and terrifying was happening around me. Something that sounded like a loud train barreling through a tunnel was causing everything to shake and bounce, and then the building swayed sickeningly, like it was going to spill over. I felt like I was in Jenga, that game where you pull out a log one-by-one hoping the tower doesn't fall down on your turn. Or on your head.

Hats off to Californians. This would be no big deal for them on the west coast, which is why of course I didn't instantly think "Earthquake!" when it happened here in DC. I actually thought "bomb." And then I thought a metro car had completely derailed into our building. And then all I wanted to do was to get my cell phone to work, but of course, do cell phones ever work in emergencies? Na. They just help to keep things tricky.

Along with my co-workers, I ran outside into the glorious sunlight. (Every story has a silver lining. For me, it will almost always be that the circumstance occurs on a sunny day, and I can work on my tan.) And that is really all that happened. I later left work, went to my doctor's appointment as scheduled, and seared some tuna for dinner.

So, as I sit on my sofa and write this post after all the hubbub in the city today, really nothing changed at all. I am grateful that the earthquake proved to be more of a conversation piece than a large-scale catastrophe like we know it can be. It was a needed reminder that life is but a breath -- it is precious and always to be treasured. With this in mind, I am going to really try to number my days aright, that I may gain a heart of wisdom (that's from Psalms) and do small things with great love (that's from Mother Teresa.)

Small things with great love #1: Kiss my hubby.
Small things with great love #2: Post this pic of my sister. She is small and she is great to love.

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