Monday, August 22, 2011

One Fine Day

Michael had his first med school exam of his life today. And my baby aced it! Well, we don't know yet, but I am confident he did.

That's Dr. Catalino to you.

Here is Michael's med school class. Those poor gals in front forgot they're in the big leagues now. No time for undergrad sorority squats, thank you very much.

Where is Michael? Oh there he is.

Please make a point to note his tie and shirt.

I picked them out myself. Wahoowa. I'm trying to get some UVA blood into my man.

It is wonderfully providential that the only med school Michael was accepted to was Georgetown. Meant to be? I think so. Michael and I actually met each other at Georgetown after Duke beat Georgetown in lacrosse in March of 2010. Right here:

I didn't do it then, but it doesn't mean I didn't want to kiss him at the time!

Thank goodness I can now.

The only doctoring he's had to do on me thus far is to tend to my clumsiness when I tried to slice my finger off with our ridiculously sharp kitchen knives. He saved me by feeding me pizza.

All's fair in love and war.

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  1. I loved your comment about the sorority squats, haha. You crack me up! Also, I think it's time to update your "About Me," Mrs. Catalino... :)