Sunday, June 26, 2011

6 day Sanity

Michael and I have spent the past two weeks setting up our charming, LITTLE, Georgetown basement apartment. I plan to do a "before and after" post so you can see the dramatic difference after we finished...stay tuned. From drab to fab, let me tell you what. For now, here is the view from Book Hill Park. The white Chevy Tahoe is parked right in front of our row home.

Now, I think four things have kept Michael and I sane throughout this whole process:

1) Love

2) Morning quiet times + coffee.

3) The Amos Lee channel on Pandora. Current favorite Amos Lee song: Windows are Rolled Down.

4) Taking walks to Dupont. On a recent walk, I admired the beautiful sky....

....while Michael practiced martial arts with the umbrella.

I love this boy.

When I say that we have spent the past 2 weeks setting up our apartment, I really mean Michael. I have more or less just thrown out my opinion here and there. Michael is such a handyman and gets really creative with projects. In all that he does, he does it with 100% of his effort. He gets more and more attractive to me every day -- a phenomenon that I didn't think was possible considering how much I already love him.

We are getting married in 6 days! AMAZING. And then, vamos a la playa. Off the radar, off the map. I can't wait!

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