Monday, July 12, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The 4th of July. Possibly, my favorite holiday ever. Avery and Allie (2 of my best friends from Dallas) came into town, but little did they know what was in store. Little did I know it either, actually. The plan was to tube on the Potomac River from dawn til dusk, but our stomachs had other plans: eating lunch. The three of us, plus Carrie, Jennifer and Payden quickly abandoned ship and stumbled across Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Home of John Brown's Raid. Also, the home of the BEST oreo frosty I have ever had. MARE-CA. What's not to love. Here are some photos from our adventures ending in fireworks:

Walking into town... 
Yet suddenly distracted by.... 
Bambi! An American classic.
Chacos. Hard core. 
This one's for you, Molly White. Coca Cola Classic. 
 My tuna melt! A-MARE-CA
Here she blows. The Swiss Miss. Amazing. 
America! Old-timey diner. 
Enough said. 
Abigail, this one's for you. Moose tracks. 
The Super Treat little girl! USA. 
Jenn, my little hippie.  
We joined her with our frosties. Best ever. 
Life is good...
because we love America. 
Yes, we do. 
Fireworks overlooking the Mall. Love DC.  
Avery and Allie, joys. 
Go 4th and Shine! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stir Me a Sweetheart

Look at what I just discovered while getting my second cup of joe this morning:

Sweetheart drinking straws! Seriously, there is no better name out there for straws. And no better way to love the moment of my morning.

Side note: I usually stick to just one cup of coffee each day, but today, some rascal put Pomegranate Berry Infusion tea into the coffee dispenser. My first cup tasted like cocoa beans mixed with rainbows. No bueno.