Friday, May 7, 2010

Be Joyful Always



  1. Hi! cb,

    Good to hear from you - I love keeping up with your blog. Are you going to put any pictures up of your new place? Sounds like you are in a great location. I'm hoping to get some more photos up of our new place as it [slowly and sometimes painfully] comes together.

    It had been far too long since the last rita and I'm hoping to enjoy a few more once school gets out in three weeks. The countdown is definitely on and the girls are super restless.

    I will not be back in VA until September 17th-ish. I am in a wedding in your area on September 25th and am planning on coming home that week before to spend time with the family. If I can squeeze in a trip to c'ville, I will definitely do that since I haven't been back since Dec. 08. That makes me so sad. I'll keep you posted as September rapidly approaches and let you know if and when I'll be in the dc area.

    Love, Meredith

  2. Care Bear... I loved looking at your "Go 4th and Shine" pictures. You all looked like you were having great fun. I love checking out your blog. Love, Dad