Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What the snow

I am going crazy. 

Cabin Fever apparently....

When you are stuck inside... 


With no wheels, no ability to tread lightly and loosely because you are too worried about falling on your butt while walking to Whole Foods to stock up on eggs and survival food for the inevitable snow fall that is happening again, yet again, after 20 inches already fell three days ago, and all you want to do is hop in your car and drive straight to Florida but, oh wait, you can't. Because your car is buried deep beneath frozen layers of slush and when you finally get it cleared off after four hours of shoveling and again falling on your butt, you turn the key to the ignition only to hear that sound... the sound of agony and sorrow..... that terrible click click click of your dead battery. 

Great. Love it. Love the snow. Heckkkk no. Hate the snow. Take me back to Texas. Global warming my arse. 

I am being harsh? I guess. 

Let's look on the bright side: memories made, hilarious pictures, ice cream in the snow because your back porch is colder than a freezer, really funny videos of Tilly in her igloo she made, at least this snow didn't come last weekend when I was in Nashville, yelling and complaining about life but really being happy too, lots of sleep, lots of movies (do not rent "Adam,") listening to Snow Patrol and loving it, being thankful that our electricity hasn't gone out, roomie bonding to the max, breaking out my blue, puffy, ball of a Northface jacket, finally eating all the canned food that I am not sure why I bought in the first place (yes, lots of beans,) and..... beating the blizzard of 2010. Hurrrray! 

As I write, snow is falling. I can hear the tappings on my windows. It all starts again. 

--Favorite Snow Patrol song: "Jusy say yes" but really they are all too good. 
--Favorite song from the Valentine's Day Soundtrack: "Say Hey (I love you)" by Michael Franti & Spearhead 

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