Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She's still my sweetheart

Last night, I was sitting at gate C31 waiting to start boarding at DFW. I was writing in my journal about the joy of coming home every now and then to Dallas, and at the same time, was eyeing this 50-something man who had his guitar out and was strumming it. He really did! My initial reaction was something along the lines of "the nerve...to disturb all these people sitting here in their own quiet peace..." But after eyeing him for about a minute, I realized he really wasn't trying to draw attention to himself in anyway. He was just happy, doing something that he likes to do, having a few moments in an airport lounge to stretch his fingers over the strings.

And then I got to thinking about my own heart in that situation. He's just doing something that he likes to do, in the same way that I was journaling because I like to do it. Who am I to judge? Yet I fear that I do judge too quickly far too often.
***Random aside -- I have no idea why, but Wes from the Bachlorette's song that he annoyingly played on his guitar all the time for Jillian is stuck in my head right now. "They say love, it don't come easy...." Uhhhhhhhg. Need a picture reminder?

While I was thinking about this, I was also eavesdropping on the conversation between the two 40-somethings sitting across from me who were eating rather garlicky-smelling Chinese food. The woman asked the man about his wife, and he said, "well actually, my divorce was finalized about 3 weeks ago." Pause.... "She's still my sweetheart, and I'm hoping she'll see that one day, but we've been separated for 3 years now." Pause..... and then the woman gushes her apologies for prying into his life, she really should not have asked, etc.

Two things struck me about this conversation: the brokenness of the situation, and the man's heartbreaking honesty and openness with a stranger. First of all, yes, we live in a broken world. Marriages aren't supposed to fall apart, but they do. Promises aren't made to be broken, but they are. However, many of us act like our lives are hunky-dory, perfect, fun, successful, free. It's rare to find someone who actually speaks of their pain, sadness, broken heart, or loneliness. As strange as it may sound since I didn't know this guy from Adam, I greatly appreciated this man's honesty. I wanted to give him a hug. I liked him instantaneously for showing real emotion. And to a total rando in the airport!

I think the woman's reaction to his disclosure was pretty spot on too. After all, what really can we say in that situation? We in ourselves possess absolutely no comfort to our fellow man. But PTL that there is a God in Heaven who does possess it. Not only comfort, but love, wisdom, and a coming wholeness to our broken world. And we can be little vessels, broken for sure, but vessels none the less of God's healing and love. PTL.

Another less random aside, but my parents marriage hasn't been hunky-dory (this is an expression my mom often says, by the way) for their whole 30 years of being together. But they have really discovered a new love and appreciation for each other in the past few years. On Saturday night, they went to the movies and my dad stood in line to buy popcorn for my mom. Finally at the front of the line, my dad realized he didn't have his wallet on him and jetted into the theater to get my mom's credit card. True sugar mama she is :) Anyway, the point is, he still serves her, and she still loves him, and I'm happy to see it. That's another PTL.

Parents, thank you for my late night popcorn. My mom eats like a bird and brought her popcorn home!!

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