Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a lumbering soul

I just finished reading John Steinbeck's "East of Eden." Steinbeck is a beautiful writer, capturing real emotions, thoughts and feelings just as if they were really happening to the reader. The characters in his books become like the reader's best friend because you deeply know and understand them by the time the book comes to an end. It's incredible. I wish I had the book with me now (due to its size, I left it home in Dallas) to post a few passages.

Throughout his life, Steinbeck ended his personal correspondance with his own "Pigasus" logo with this latin phrase over the flying pig:

It means, "To the stars on the wings of a pig." What he means is he considers himself "a lumbering soul but trying to fly." Hooooow cool. I think of myself like that too -- I'm just not as cool as Steinbeck and would never have a great phrase or symbol for it.

His Pigasus, and what it symbolizes, reminds me of the short film* that was at the beginning of the Pixar film, "Up." It's the one about the clouds that make babies or little cute puppies, but the one storm cloud just can't seem to make anything right. He makes an electric eel, a porcupine, and pretty much anything that isn't exactly easy for his loyal stork to carry. After several hard deliveries of the baby eel, or whatever, the stork doesn't abandon his cloud, as we are led to believe at first, but actually returns to his cloud with football pads on. Hurraaay!

I like these two analogies for life. Like Steinbeck, I'm just a pig with wings but trying to make it. Like the storm cloud, I just can't seem to make things turn out perfectly. But! Holla for the but! At least I am trying. And at least I have friends who don't give up on me and take my abuse sometimes, just like the loyal stork. Life would be lonely without friends. Hey Tilly. Yo Sarah. What up Molly Mac. Hi Claire!

*I saw Up with my friend Sarah and we were both so confused about the beginning short film. I thought that it was actually the beginning of the real movie, and that the storm cloud was going to make the grumpy old man. Pixar is so above my head....

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