Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I in Europe?

Oh but I wish.

Today, finally, with some sunshine after a full week of rain, I ventured out for my daily cafe au lait at my neighborhood Starbucks. BTdubs, new favorite of the fall: Starbucks VIA!! It's their version of instant coffee. I love it. Combined with a little vanilla soy milk and voila. Deliciousness for only $2.95 for three cups.

What I really mean by "my neighborhood Starbucks" is actually my businesshood Starbucks. I office 2 blocks up from Barack Obama himself. I practically can hear his kids whine about the Guantanamo Bay protesters in orange prison uniforms who obstruct their scenic view outside their front windows. JK, I can't. I actually really think Malia and Sasha are pretty dang cute. I think it's time for a new movie on the PK's -- Chasing Liberty and First Daughter are way too dated.

Hey! I'm a PK too -- preacher's kid, president's kid -- yada yada, all the same.

To the point -- since I office 2 blocks up from the White House, in the heart of DC, next to the Mexican Embassy in fact, I hear about 5 different languages at any given time during my afternoon Starbucks meandering. It's so cool. I like to think of myself as really international and hip and cultural and Je ne sais pas....but it's pretty funny how un-hip and un-international I am compared to the real deal. Today, there was a group of five smartly dressed Germans, two girls and three guys, clearly in town on business, but they may as well have been in Milan during fashion week sipping White Russians in their minks. This one guy looked so much like Daniel Craig from 007 that I was convinced he was packing a gun and maybe a speedo as well. And his gal pal had on these crazy flowy pants that tucked into her ultra lacy boots. The kind of outfit that looks ridiculous but probably cost her quite a penny, or should I say, Euro.

All the while, there was an older French couple sitting to my left, (I was sure they were murmuring sweet beautiful nothings to each other,) and on my right, there was a group of four Mexican men who I see quite often since we all frequent the same Starbucks.

And then there was moi. Steve Madden ballet flats (I really like them) and my rad steel water bottle from Pottery Barn. Trying to play it cool but really just dying to speak their languages and be whisked off into the Tuscan sun....

Oh but it's all good. I was equally a part of that scene as Bond. Humanity. We're in the throngs of it. We are it. Las estrellas son brillantes en mi corazon.

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